Published 29 Feb 2024

Infinite PL Announces Significant Investment in GN TEQ Limited

Infinite PL announced in London on 28 February 2024 an investment in GN TEQ Limited, a UK-based technology company focused on developing innovative software solutions for e-commerce and cross-border logistics.

Investment in GN TEQ Limited

This investment is an expression of Infinite PL’s drive to strategically back and invest in unique and promising technology companies and to build its portfolio of investments in its industries of choice. The investment will enable GN TEQ to accelerate its go-to-market strategy and fuel its growth into the global e-commerce and logistics market and allow it to effectively serve its customers worldwide.

“In line with Saudi Vision 2030's goal to establish the Kingdom as a global logistics hub, this investment is building on and deepening the strategic partnership that we announced with GN TEQ in Q4 2023. We have collaborated closely with the GN TEQ team since shortly after the company was established. We strongly believe in the importance, timeliness and relevance of the GN TEQ technology suite that aims to simplify many of the complexities of cross-border e-commerce, integrating the bulk of the cross-border e-commerce activities into one platform. We also appreciate the practical, experience-based, agile approach of the founders of GN TEQ who utilised their deep expertise in the e-commerce and logistics sectors to build much needed, fit-for-purpose solutions for the industry”, said Dr. Fadi AlBuhairan, Chairman of Infinite PL. “What appealed to us most about GN TEQ and its team is their declared purpose of enabling e-commerce customers globally to receive higher quality fulfilment services at more affordable costs. This investment represents a significant milestone in our journey towards realising the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.”

“We are truly honoured that GN TEQ has gained the confidence, trust and investment from Infinite PL. It is a dream come true, and a vote of confidence in our vision, our team’s capabilities, our achievements to date and our strategy for the future.” said Nabil Kassem, Chairman of GN TEQ Limited. “This strategic association with Infinite PL will open broad horizons for GN TEQ at a regional and global scale. Our mission remains to keep our customers worldwide front and centre in our thinking, and to enable them to expand their e-commerce logistics footprint and grow their revenues quickly and efficiently.

Investment in GN TEQ Limited

About Infinite PL

Infinite pl is on a mission to disrupt logistics globally with the end goal of enriching the experiences of government, businesses, and residents through innovative and digital solutions. We believe that there are infinite opportunities to build digital solutions across logistics and adjacent industries, predicated on harnessing the power of data and platforms. Tapping into an ecosystem of world-class leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, we apply innovation, strategy, design, and data to transform businesses, drive growth and orchestrate digital product and venture creation. Infinite pl refers to a KSA-based joint venture launched in June 2022 by Saudi Post|SPL - Logistics & Postal services provider and RAI Digital - the Product & Venture building arm of RAI.

About GN TEQ Limited

GN TEQ was established in April 2022 by three founders who are very experienced in the e-commerce sector and the cross-border logistics space. The company quickly built a formidable team of domain experts and software developers who launched its software platform. The Platform consists of the Enterprise Logistics Information System (ELIS) an integrated suite of software that streamlines and optimises the cross-border e-commerce logistics activities, the Virtual Warehouse (VWH) which is the backbone engine that empowers multiple sellers, in multiple locations to manage their sale and orders on multiple e-commerce platforms and to fulfil cost-effectively from multiple stores and inventory locations.