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Investment in GN TEQ Limited

Infinite PL announced in London on 28 February 2024 an investment in GN TEQ Limited, a UK-based technology company focused on developing innovative software solutions for e-commerce and cross-border logistics.

This investment is an expression of Infinite PL’s drive to strategically back and invest in unique and promising technology companies and to build its portfolio of investments in its industries of choice. The investment will enable GN TEQ to accelerate its go-to-market strategy and fuel its growth into the global e-commerce and logistics market and allow it to effectively serve its customers worldwide.

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About us

We are a dynamic and agile consultancy, forged on the anvil of vast experience. Sure, some try to do what we do. But none do it the way we do it. We’re not bound by dogma. Or layers of corporate structure. We’re nimble and make things happen. Fast. We do things our way. And that’s what works best for our forward-thinking customers. It’s our driving passion. Our living purpose.

Our customers know that our three founders and their cherry-picked team bring an unrivalled mix of ‘been there/done that’ solutions, proven expertise and entrepreneurial thinking. They also know this because we design, develop and maintain game-changing software solutions to solve their real-life commercial issues. And because we create and – if appropriate – deliver full turnkey solutions, we understand our customers’ specific challenges and opportunities.

That’s why nothing we create is generic. We operate on a global scale. In real niche sectors. Offering a peace of mind and credibility that only comes from proven results for leading corporate customers. Above all, our refreshing approach is like no other. And that’s what appeals to our growing list of like-minded customers.

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Key points of difference

  • 01

    An unrivalled understanding of eCommerce logistics.

  • 02

    Being technology platform agnostic adds genuine flexibility.

  • 03

    Agile implementation teams seamlessly journey your commercial needs from initial concept to successful delivery – swiftly, robustly, effectively.

  • 04

    The 3 Co-Founders have created multiple successful and profitable businesses, all driven by the best people and the best technology.

  • 05

    Scalable solutions designed and developed for global corporations.

  • 06

    Collaborated with most carriers/carrier management systems in one of the most dynamic sectors.

  • 07

    Connecting networks is central to all we do.

  • 08

    Global remote team management optimises performance.


Far-reaching expertise

  • Main e-commerce
    platforms shipping
  • Rate card, billing,
    reporting and business
    analytic automation
  • Enhancing UX by
    building bespoke bolt-
    on tool
  • End-to-end, multi-
    modal & carrier tracking
  • Designing
    eCommerce customs
    clearance automation
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Designing API tools
    for eCommerce
  • Real-time performance
  • Delivering final mile
    carrier integrations
  • Building solutions
    for eCommerce order
    level manifesting,
    containerisation and
  • Integrating Global CMS


  • Francois Lazzari
    Francois Lazzari CEO & Co-Founder, GN TEQ
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    “I am a seasoned and successful leader with a proven track record at building a profitable global logistics tech business. At GN TEQ, we are determined to create an eCommerce business unlike any other.”

    I am a highly motivated and articulate individual with a broad experience in sales, transportation, technology and eCommerce. Prior to founding GN TEQ, I was COO & Deputy CEO at Australia Post Global eCommerce (APG), a company I co-founded and transformed into one of the leading global suppliers of cross-border ecommerce delivery solutions establishing a presence in the key global trade lanes including ASIA, Europe and North America. APG provides end-to-end logistics solutions to a portfolio of iconic global ecommerce merchants.

    Before that, I headed ASOS’ Delivery Solutions, leading a team that continuously developed best in class delivery and returns strategies – as well as implemented these from ASOS’ global hubs. Pre-ASOS, I held several senior positions at FedEx Express, the leading global provider of logistics and transportation solutions.

    I have a natural ability to engage, advise and negotiate at Executive level. In 2013, I completed an Executive MBA at Cass Business School gaining a Distinction. I am bilingual in French and English and fluent in Dutch and Italian.

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  • Nabil Kassem
    Nabil Kassem Chairman & Co-Founder, GN TEQ
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    “Throughout my career – I define myself in different ways: coach, mentor, leader and serial entrepreneur. I am a veteran of several industries including private equity, healthcare, energy, software and information technology, eCommerce, industrial automation, professional services and consulting. GN TEQ is a natural vehicle to combine each of these assets.”

    During my long and successful corporate career, I have held senior executive positions internationally at Gulf Capital, Invensys (now part of Schneider Electric) and Schlumberger. I was also CEO of Metamed, the MENA largest medical diagnostic imaging company. I co-founded, led, and exited three start-ups: ResourceChain, Optimind and Excellenceo2.

    I was an early investor in Vogacloset, a fast-fashion e-commerce company and helped its founder to raise funds, expand the offering and grow the company into a successful household name in the Middle East region. I still serve as executive chairman of the company. In addition, I also serve as board director for several companies including a LSE listed company and am a member of the investment committee of BluePeak Private Capital, an alternative asset management firm focused on Africa.

    I hold a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from Birmingham University, a Master of Engineering in Analysis and Design of Control Systems from Sheffield University in the UK and an Executive Diploma in Business from Sloan School of Management.

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  • Nabil Zaghloul
    Nabil Zaghloul Executive Director & Co-Founder, GN TEQ
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    “My aim at GN TEQ is simple. I am passionate about combining world class talented individuals with cutting edge technology to build powerful and lasting solutions for the eCommerce logistics industry.”

    I am an entrepreneurial leader and have worked in the eCommerce logistics industry since the early days. I worked in commercial and government owned organisations around the globe and have successfully created and built businesses in Asia, USA, Europe and The Middle East. I have provided solutions to the most inspiring and largest online businesses. I founded Australia Post Global eCommerce Solutions (APG) and held the position of Group CEO since its launch in 2016.

    APG is now one of the leading suppliers of cross border ecommerce delivery solutions with established presence in the key global trade lanes including ASIA, Europe and North America. APG provides end-to-end logistics solutions to a portfolio of iconic global ecommerce merchants. Prior to APG, I held several senior positions at Aramex, a leading global provider of logistics and transportation solutions listed on the Dubai stock market, during a career spanning 16 years.

    My roles included Finance Director, Managing Director for the United Kingdom and eCommerce Director for Europe. I also led the set-up of the Aramex e-commerce service offering in Europe and North America that provides solutions to a portfolio of the largest global e-commerce merchants. As Executive Director and Co-Founder of GN TEQ, I relish the chance to create a unique, new, and customer-driven business in a truly fast-growth global environment.

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